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Security Guard in Surveillance Room

Eagle Eye
Security Solutions 

Security Guard


We are certified to provide the three security guard trainings that are mandated by the New York State. Our training delivers safe, effective and true-to-life training for security and public safety personnel and agencies throughout the New York area. Our training includes instruction instance, verbal commands, and tactics in realistic scenarios! We provide information from the Department of State regarding regulations about licensing, background checks for security
officers, and fingerprinting processing participants. Our training instructors are certified by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

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Security Guard


I took the security guard training because it was offered at the school I worked at. I did not use
my security guard license until COVID-19 caused me to be furloughed from my previous job.
The class was very informative and a blessing to me because I was able to find work during the
COVID-19 pandemic. I would recommend the training to friends and family. I now maintain a
full-time Security Guard position.

Security Point

I was interested in taking Eagle Eye’s security guard training because I was looking for
additional job opportunities. The training instructor made the class easy to understand and fun. I
did not work in security right away but I have been using what I learned from more than 10
years. I would definitely refer other people to take the training.

Private Security Guard


I was referred to Eagle Eye through a community program. The class was great. I felt like all of
my questions were answered to help me understand the training. The instructor was very
knowledgeable. I would recommend the training to my family and friends.


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