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Meet The Owner


Claude Watford is a native New Yorker and a life-long Westchester County resident having been born and raised in the city of Yonkers. As a young man, Mr. Watford has always had strong ties to his community; hosting homeless clothing drives, various local activities for children and families in Yonkers housing projects. Mr. Watford also maintained a keen interest in criminal justice. This interest led to the founding of Eagle Eye Security Solutions, Inc. in 2010, where Mr. Watford serves as CEO and President.


Eagle Eye Security Solutions primarily provides Security Guard training in New York State. Prior to becoming CEO and President of Eagle Eye Security Solutions, Inc., Mr. Watford has an extensive 20-year background in public safety. He served as a correctional officer in both Virginia and New York States. He later became a school safety officer for the Yonkers Public school district. Mr. Watford is a NYS Certified Security Instructor who prepares program participants for the NYS licensing process as well as future employment opportunities.


Eagle Eye is unique from other Security Guard training agency’s because it offers training and learning opportunities beyond public safety. Additional trainings include Customer Relations, Metal Detection, Loss Prevention / Asset Protection, OSHA, Heartsaver ®  CPR AED, and Interview Preparedness, which provide participates with the additional skills needed to enhance their marketability to potential employers. Eagle Eye targets partnerships with local school districts and government agencies as a means to providing a pathway for young people and those with special needs. Eagle Eye has trained over 800 program participants through the various partnerships. These partnerships include: Education & Employment Center – WIOA Program – Yonkers, Yonkers Career Center, Mt. Vernon Employment Center (DOL) – WIOA Program, Westchester County One Stop Employment Center, Yonkers Chamber of Commerce (STRIVE Program), West Cop (STRIVE Program), Greenburgh Academy – Yonkers, Clark Academy – Dobbs Ferry, Lincoln High School – Yonkers, Nepperhan Community Center and NYS Department of Health. Mr. Watford is committed to Eagle Eye’s mantra “We Train for Success.” It is his intention that Eagle Eye Security Solutions will continue to prepare participants for a bright and successful future.

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